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Experienced. Credentialled. Effective.

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Drawing on my 22 years of international experience as a sport and performance psychologist for Olympic athletes, coaches, and teams in the US and Australia, I understand how high performance works.

I was a team psychologist at 7 Olympic Games and have worked with numerous sports, most recently with the Australian national women's water polo and rowing programs.

I have worked for high performance organisations including the U.S. Olympic Committee and the Australian Institute of Sport.  As head of the AIS Performance Psychology team, I managed a team of sport psychologists across 4 states, crafted national sport psychology strategy and programs for sport psychologists across the Australian national network, and provided advice to national sport organisations.

My Approach

I strive first to understand your unique performance demands and partner with you to craft strategies to enhance your performance and well-being in your work and personal life.  You will learn about your brain, your mind, and your body and how to work intelligently with each domain to achieve more than you thought possible.  As success in life is also an interpersonal endeavour, our work may also focus on understanding your own emotions, how others are feeling, and how to optimise that knowledge in relationships.

Areas of Expertise

Neuroscience of Performance

Performance Enhancement Mental Skills


Emotional Intelligence

Team Function and Culture




Professional Credentials

Registered Psychologist by the Professional Board of Australia:  PSY0001650305





Approved Medicare Provider:  5521781Y

Endorsed Sport and Exercise Psychologist


Hogan Assessment Certified






ABN:  27 395 380 883

Educational Qualifications

BSc in Psychology from Union College, Schenectady, NY USA

MSc in Sport Psychology from University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, IL USA

PhD in Counselling Psychology from University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, IL USA

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Certified Executive Coach

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