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Gritty people are all about getting the big things done.

 But if this is you, do you know how and when to stop? To power down?
It turns out that many of us are so focused on the "power up" problem that we devote precious little time and effort on how knowing when we need to recover.

Without good recovery, sustained effort is impossible. This video is all about that.

“But I Don’t Have an Inner Critic.” 

In this video, I ask you to consider the various forms that our less-than-helpful inner voices can take, and the performance and well-being risks we run in failing to notice...or take action.
What do you think? Do you still think you don't have one?

When someone you don't know gives you critical feedback, it's a gift.

Treat it as such, as it allows you to see yourself and what you are doing from outside yourself, and is a short-cut to getting better.
In this video, I talk about a mistake I made in this space and what I learned.
How do you receive feedback?

Today, it's all about effort.

How not all effort is created equal - and the difference between what I call "clean" and "dirty" effort.
High performance is hard enough. Make all your efforts count - by cleaning them up.
What do you reckon? Are all efforts created equal?
If, however, you suspect some of your efforts are dirty - that you are spinning your mental wheels more than you should - could be some reactivity or a too-active inner critic, I can help!


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