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Girl Power


Building Strength and Skills to Empower and Succeed

News Flash: women's brains are wired differently from men's brains.   Women are hard-wired to think more interpersonally, experience emotions differently, to seek consultation and collaboration, and exhibit different leadership qualities than men often do.   We are biologically impacted by developmental events such as child-birth and menopause which can literally change how we think and feel.  In the past, these differences and changes were at times regarded as weaknesses, and women were coached to be more like men.  Research into gender differences, the world of work, and my experience working with female performers has informed my approach.  Rather than necessarily defaulting to a "male model," it is important to first understand and validate female clients on their own terms and work with their unique strengths while also learning state-of-art skills for navigating complex or biased work environments.  

Here are some areas in which I can help

(mind you, men can benefit from this help and guidance, too!):

  • Building and demonstrating self belief

  • Enhancing resilience through self-compassion

  • Increasing your organisational visibility

  • Communicating with confidence

  • Leveraging emotional intelligence

  • Building a network for support, mentoring, and sponsorship

  • Negotiating for what you want

  • Thriving in the midst of conflict and strong emotion

  • Setting effective career goals and how to go after them

  • Becoming a more authentic performer, manager, or leader

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