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Keynote Speaking

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As a speaker, I bring the mantra "performance isn't just what you do, it's who you are."  This translates into a speaking experience that not only informs but engages audiences in an entertaining and high energy way. 

From my years of experience in Olympic sport, I weave in stories from that and other high performance domains to illustrate how and high performance works...and when it does not.



My personal and business passion is all about high performance.  I help people and organizations to believe that high performance without hurting or breaking is not only aspirational...but absolutely necessary.   And give them the tools to make this kind of transformational change a reality.

At the same time, my approach is informed by the awesome and inescapable reality that we are human.  Compartmentalizing ourselves for the sake of performance hurts us...and our performances.  To that end, I also speak passionately to these inter-related topics, all of which contribute to the human whole of high performance:

  • Minds Matter:  The what and why of mental health.  and why it matters for high performance.

  • Instruction Manual for the Mind:  Common mind mistakes we all make, and how to relate better to our thoughts, emotions, and the interest of high performance.

  • Finding Our Way:  Especially in times of uncertainty, determining and living in accordance with our "true north star" can make all the difference

  •  Connection:  The game-changing importance of redeveloping the nature of our relationships with others...and ourselves.

Mind you, this is an incomplete list, and I am always happy to have a chat to develop an offering that fits your needs.


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