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Hogan Work Personality Assessments

I am qualified to administer the Hogan suite of workplace personality assessments.




The international authority in personality assessment and consulting, Hogan Assessments has more than three decades of experience dramatically reducing turnover and increasing productivity by helping businesses hire the right people, develop key talent, and evaluate leadership potential.

Grounded in more than a century of science and backed by the largest and most complete pool of research in the industry, the Hogan assessments predict job performance by assessing normal personality, derailment characteristics, core values, and cognitive reasoning ability.

Hogan’s portfolio of employee selection, development and leadership tools allow companies to better manage their most valuable assets – their people.

The Hogan Suite consists of:

Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI). The HPI is the industry standard for measuring personality as it relates to day-to-day work performance; the HPI provides insight regarding how individuals approach others and their jobs on a day-to-day basis.

Hogan Development Survey (HDS). The HDS is one of very few (if any) proactive measures of derailment characteristics available today. The HDS provides insight regarding counterproductive blind spots or risk factors that influence how an individual approaches others and deals with adversity (e.g., stress, heavy workloads).

Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI). The MVPI is designed to assess personal drivers and fit with culture. The MVPI also provides insight regarding the type of work environment a manager will create for his or her direct reports and the type of environment in which an individual will be most productive.


Predictive: The Hogan assessment tools are consistently and significantly related to both subjective and objective indices of job performance. Over 400 validation studies, that involved statistical examination of the direct relationship between assessment scores and job performance across large samples of incumbents, demonstrate the strong predictive validity of the Hogan tools, regardless of job, job family, or industry.


Effective: Hogan typically helps organizations measurably improve the quality of their hiring decisions by 20% to 40%. Organizations consistently benefit from a return on their investment in use of the Hogan tools in terms of numerous bottomline related variables including reduced turnover, decreased shrinkage, increased customer service/satisfaction ratings, increased sales, reduced accidents, reduced workers compensation claims, etc.


Defensible: The Hogan tools do not produce adverse impact; in other words, assessment scale scores do not vary significantly or practically based on sex, age, or ethnicity. Hogan’s validation and documentation procedures are considered industry exemplars, and Dr. Joyce Hogan, a Hogan principal, consults to the Department of Justice regarding the ethical and fair use of assessments.


High Quality: The Hogan assessment tools are continually updated and refined based on rigorously-conducted research. All Hogan research, recommended implementation strategies, and technical documents conform to guidelines and best practices defined in the Principles for the Validation and Use of Personnel Selection Procedures (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 2002) and the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (EEOC, 1978).


Comprehensive: Whereas the vast majority of commercially-available assessment tools provide insight regarding day-to-day response style only, Hogan is uniquely able to provide a comprehensive picture regarding personal characteristics related to performance via the HPI, HDS, and the MVPI.


Easy to Use: The Hogan Web-Based Assessment Management System provides clients the ability to easily manage, expedite, and automate the assessment process and deliver choice of easily-understandable, application-specific, and budget-friendly report option. All Hogan assessments are web-enabled and delivered electronically within 90 seconds.

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