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Here's an Irony

So I just hosted this event, Thriving in Uncertainty. A two-day event devoted to expert performance psychologists sharing their insights into how we can all do this better.

Meanwhile, I was not doing so well. In the event run-up, I succumbed to worry, hypervigilance, and forgot how to sleep.

Afterward, I was so concerned about how to make sure that the good content lived a long and happy life, that I violated these event insights:

--I dwelled on things I could not control

--I lost perspective

--I forgot my purpose in pursuing this event in the first place

--I turned away from the good--that the event was a personal and professional highlight and the purest feeling of a purpose fulfilled that I have ever experienced

Thankfully, I had a meditative epiphany of sorts a few days after the event.

It hit me that I was doing this to myself. No one else had expectations beyond the event; in fact, everyone involved was excited and supportive.

With that, it then occurred to me that, well, I could stop doing all of that. I immediately felt lighter and was able to re-visit the joy of what had transpired.

There's still work to be done but I'm doing it with a lighter heart. Grateful...even thriving.

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