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High Performance from the Inside Out: I don't hard-sell my stuff often, Education and Action Program

I don't hard-sell my stuff often, if at all, but responses from folks who have been through this program have inspired me to put it back out there once more in 2023. I think it's an antidote for the malaise that seems to be gripping so many of us these days, holding us back from our best performer selves, and rendering us that much less effective.

Here's a question: are you a performer? More to the point, how can you NOT be? We're performing all the time. In our work roles, at home, with friends. I like to argue that performance is not what we DO, it's who we are. And until we start taking that idea--that we are performers, seriously--we end up treating ourselves with indifference, defying the airline advice to "put our own oxygen mask on first."

If there's one thing I know, nearly everyone I run into these days is doing it tough in one way or another. For athletes and coaches, it's the post-Games let-down after the longest run-up in history. For everyone, it might be lock-down fatigue, anxiety as we start to open back up, blurred work and home responsibilities, long hours, sleep disruptions, parental guilt for struggling children, angst, sadness, rage, name it.

If any of this speaks to you, this program can help.

What is this program? Designed to get you humming from the inside out, this program will help you gain more energy, reduce stress, and be more present for and attuned to the relationships that matter.

Topics include:

1. Mojo: From the get-go, this session is about transforming you into a performer who matters...and who puts your own oxygen mask on first. You identify what your sources of energy and optimism are, areas to work toward, habits to work toward, as well as those things to stop doing, so you increase the chance of bringing your best self to life—for your life.

2. Mindset Basics: This is the “instruction manual to your mind” session. You learn about the brain and mind, understand and work with your thoughts and emotions, and learn to wield your awareness more skillfully.

3. Mindset for Uncertainty and Change: With the basics in hand, you will learn about the skills and insights to respond more effectively, with less wasted energy or pain, in the face of change, uncertainty or failure.

4. Mates: Too many of us perform from the outside-in – disconnected from others and warring with ourselves. This session helps connect your newly-minted, improved version of yourself with to the people you love, work, and play with...and yourself.

5. Move: Knowledge is all well and good...but not enough. This group-coached last session brings it all together, and you come away with a performance plan for change. Feedback from participants suggests that it is here where the performance magic happens.

Why This? If there’s one thing I know, nearly everyone I run into these days is doing it tough in one way or another. Lock-down fatigue, transition-to-opening-up anxiety, blurred work and home responsibilities, long hours, sleep disruptions, parental guilt for children struggling, angst, sadness, rage, name it.

If any of this rings true, if you’re tired, burned-out, struggling a bit, or just not quite yourself...this program can help. It will help you understand what’s going on in your mind and body during these times, get back in touch with what’s really important, motivate you to do something (or stop doing something) to help get your inner performer running on more cylinders. It will also help you be more “present” with yourself and those you love and work with.

Why Now? The past couple of years has been a hell of a time. Full stop.

As we all adjust to the new normal, this seems to be the perfect time to do a performance self-check. A performance turn-up. Do the work now...and be ready to thrive on the challenges that our opened-up, sped-up world will no doubt throw our way. Consider this your chance to mindfully and effectively “slow down to speed up.”

Why Me? I’m a performance psychologist with deep experience in Olympic sport (14 years with the US Olympic Committee and 7 years leading the performance psychology team at the Australian Institute of Sport). I now help performers from all domains learn how to get out of their own way and perform in a way that is both sustainable and that promotes their own happiness. My mantra? High performance shouldn’t hurt you, or the people you lead. I have spent too much time working for leaders or coaches who tell me, “I break them, you fix them.” There is a better way, and it would be my honour to help you realize these outcomes for yourself and the people you work with.

Next Steps? You can join as an individual...and I can tailor this event for your organization.

What Do You Get?

  • 5, 90-minute Zoom workshops: Mojo, Mindset I & II, Mates, Move.

  • A copy of my forthcoming book, When Grit's Not Enough.

When Do You Get It?

  • 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm March 2023, dates TBC and runs fortnightly.


  • Individuals: $1200pp (incl GST).

  • Group discount (3 – 9) as part of the individual program: $990pp (xGST).

If this sounds like something you, your organization, or team could use, contact me and I can create something bespoke to your needs and timeframe.

_____I’m In! Great! Email me at kirsten@kirstenpetersonconsulting and I will get you or your team signed up.

_____I have questions. Great! Email me at kirsten@kirstenpetersonconsulting and hopefully I have answers!

_____I’m not sure at this time, but I would like to join your newsletter list. Great! Email me at kirsten@kirstenpetersonconsulting and I will add you in!

In case you missed my main message :), I believe that high performance shouldn't hurt people. I provide individual and group coaching on how to achieve the performance goals you want without hurting yourself or your people in the process. In ways that are healthier, happier, and more sustainable. If you want more information or have questions, you can reach me at

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