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How do you deal with uncertainty, anyway?

When I was creating the title for my Thriving in Uncertainty event, I wondered, should it be "Thriving IN Uncertainty," or even "THROUGH Uncertainty?" Surely not UNDER or AROUND?

What I learned is that you don't thrive against uncertainty, but within it.

Your mind is pre-set to crave certainty. So much less effort. If you are not careful or aware, you end up fighting uncertainty. Railing against it. Trying to claw through it to something you can count on. Certitude, stability, comfort.

Two problems with that approach.

First, it's impossible to win against uncertainty. It's like trying to see through a fog bank.

Second, it's not even in your best interest, not if you are after a life worth living, dreams worth pursuing, or in the words of Seth Godin, art worth making. Certainty rarely begets creativity and is the opposite of risk taking...

Instead, you learn to settle in and focus on what's in front of you. Accept what is--and that is more profound than it sounds, believe me--see what the moment offers, and you move forward accordingly.

Who knows what opportunity that next moment exposes? A new direction? An insight? A lesson?

Or you could hunker down until certainty returns. It could be a long wait, just saying.

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