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How's your present moment?

Sometimes it's good, while other times, not so much. Whatever the case, it's a gift to even notice it.

There's even research to back that up, the idea that while you spend less than than 50% of your time in the present, it's in the present where happiness lives.

What pulls you away? Sometimes it's a legitimate need to do some planning or debriefing, but often, you get hijacked.

Emotional hijacking is a particularly funny thing. Emotions like fear or anxiety throw you forward in time, anticipating the worst, wondering "what if?"

But watch that anxious moment as it approaches and passes. Does the anxiety remain? Can you think of a time you were anxious about something that already happened?

On the other hand, anger and regret are rear-view mirror emotions. Something happens to us that we don't like and suddenly we are reliving the experience with outrage. Have you ever gotten angry or felt sorry about something that hasn't happened yet?

Recognizing your mind's tendencies for what they are can strengthen your present moment awareness.

As you notice your mind reaching out or back, you get to decide if that's the best use of your limited time.

If so, go for it. If not, maybe the present moment is a good place to hang out for right now.

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