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When Grit Is Not Enough...Is Born!

My first book has just been published (!!), and I wanted to let you know about it.

The idea for the book came during the Covid-19 pandemic, when I noticed some differences happening with a subset of coaches and athletes - those folks who I’d normally have thought would motor through just fine at any other time.

Except that these times were different. When lock-downs hit, training centres were shuttered and athletes sent home, this radical shift in the way business was done threw some athletes and coaches more than others. Some of those who prided themselves on grinding hard under predictable circumstances started to struggle. Others, on the other hand, actually thrived. They pivoted quickly to different ways of doing things, trying things, and figuring out a different way - easier.

The difference between those groups of athletes and coaches formed the basis of this book.

When Grit is Not Enough is written for those people who pride themselves on their work ethic, but find that—sometimes—it also can get them into trouble, especially in times of uncertainty or change. "Trouble" as in not knowing when to stop, pushing beyond one’s limits, or otherwise being not prone to recognising when a pivot, shift, or even quitting something...might be the best thing to do.

And if there’s been a year this flexibility would be useful, this would be that year. Here’s to a book that can help you develop a more fluid, less reactive mindset and a purpose you can get behind so you can effort with, well, less effort!

The book is broken into three sections:

Mindset is all about how we approach reality. In times of certainty and predictability, reality is our friend - feeding us exactly what we expect…and the path ahead is clear. The project with set expectations and a solid deadline. An Olympic campaign with all the prerequisite competitions and training camps in place.

In times of uncertainty or change, however—as has been the upending of our lives since 2020—reality arcs up with all sorts of meanderings and upheavals. When Grit Is Not Enough provides insights into how our brains and minds work, the attributes inherent in a more flexible and easy-going mindset…and a map for developing those qualities for yourself.

Purpose is all about stability. When circumstances are vague or unknown, sometimes the only thing we can count on is what we stand for. This book unpacks that idea and offers ways to discover and define our purpose.

Effort is all about behaviour. Hard, consistent effort is grit personified. Which is both a blessing and a curse for the gritty among us, myself included. At issue is that so much of what constitutes effort is the unseen, mental aspect of it. When Grit is Not Enough unpacks the mythology underpinning effort—that more is better and quitting is verboten—and offers guidance in the form of “easy effort,” getting where you want to go with the least effort possible.


P.S. In case you missed my main message :), I believe that high performance shouldn't hurt people. I provide individual and group coaching on achieving the performance goals you want without hurting yourself or your people in the process. In ways that are healthier, happier, and more sustainable. If you want more information or have questions, you can reach me at

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