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Front-line providers are being challenged like never before by the fluidity and threat posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.  This program assists doctors, nurses, and other front-line providers with information and strategies including:

  • Care for yourself first and often - pragmatic and evidence-based self-care strategies to maintain resilience

  • The mental health continuum – how we move from positive to poor (and back)

  • Signs that you or a colleague may be struggling or overwhelmed

  • Practice in what to do and say to help others and, if needed, link them to assistance

  • Team considerations: the resilience-enhancing balance between accountability and support

  • Understanding suicidality and what to do if a colleague is at risk


Our team of internationally experienced psychologists understands what it takes to help elite performers bring their best game when the pressure is on, in ways that are sustainable and mentally healthy.  It’s about building and maintaining a task-focused mindset that can return over and over again to the job at hand.  It’s about impeccable physical and mental self-care.  It’s about surfing the chaos rather than getting caught up in it.  It’s about looking out for teammates while also holding them accountable.  These are the mental skills we teach to help front-line providers enhance their mental health, help their teammates, and perform better under pressure.


The 90-minute program includes education, small-group discussion, and skills practice. 


We are also available to assist with extra coaching and support for interested individuals.


If you are interested in learning more about this program, please contact Kirsten Peterson, PhD at or 0429 194 145.


Education and Skills Program

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