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Be Your Best When It Counts

Are you an athlete or performer interested in being at your best when the pressure is on?

Are you a coach wanting to learn more about how to bring out the best in your athletes?

The best teams perform beyond the "sum of their parts."  Is yours in need of a boost?


Sport and performance psychology involves educating coaches, athletes, parents, exercisers, dancers, and performers of all stripes about the psychological aspects of their sport or activity, and to provide bespoke strategies for performance improvement and enjoyment.


As an experienced and elite -level sport psychologist with over 20 years' experience, I work to facilitate optimal performance as well as wholehearted involvement and enjoyment in sport and performance domains in a way that makes high performance not only more sustainable, but more fun.

Here are some areas in which I can help:


  • Enhancing energy management in training and competition

  • Overcoming debilitating performance anxiety

  • Competition preparation

  • Setting effective goals that change behaviour

  • Visualisation skill development

  • Enhancing positive and productive self talk

  • Harnessing the power of thought and emotion

  • Increasing resilience in the face of set-backs or failure

  • Improving focus and attention during competition and training

  • Understanding "the zone"and how to get there

  • Overcoming fear of failure or success 

  • Injury and rehabilitation management

  • Understanding and working with (not against) fear

  • Improving communication with team-mates and coaches

  • Enhancing team cohesion

  • Increasing and retaining motivation

  • Preventing burnout and over-training

  • Dealing effectively with de-selection and retirement from sport

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