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Team work


Better than the Sum of Our Parts


  • Is your team working together or are you a collection of individuals each doing their own thing?

  • Does your team know what its purpose is and where it's supposed to be going?

  • Does everyone on your team have a clear role to play and are they happy to play it?

  • Does your team thrive or fold under pressure?

  • Are you happy with your team's culture and ways of operating? 

If you are unsure or not happy with your answers to any of these questions, I can help.  I have worked with high performance sport teams in the elite sport and know what it takes for a group to become a team.  I work with coaches and management to understand the current team dynamics and co-create goals for team building efforts. 

Facilitated team building initiatives include:

  • Getting to know each other to perform better

  • Overcoming communication barriers

  • Culture - what is it and how do we create ours?


For performers of all stripes, I have delivered a variety of educational workshops and presentations on fundamental aspects of performance psychology that teach and practice skills for more optimal functioning in sport, work, or life. 

Past topics include:

  • How to thrive, not fold, under pressure

  • Effective goal setting that leads to productive behaviour change

  • Emotional Intelligence, collaboration, and communication skills

  • Energy management

  • Courage and Confidence: Two sides of the same coin

  • Growing personal resilience in the face of setbacks and failure

  • Enhancing focus and concentration​

  • ​Working with anxiety

  • Buying "insurance" - planning for performance contingencies​

  • Implementing performance routines and event management​

  • Optimising sleep and recovery

  • Staying present and thriving under pressure

  • Developing resilient environments

  • Maximising coach - athlete or manager - employee relationships

  • Understanding and leveraging the neuroscience underpinning the performing brain

  • Mindfulness: A training, performance, and life game-changer

  • Developing self-awareness and reflection in performance contexts

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