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I was looking to put aside some time for my team to come together for a break from our fast paced and high-volume workplace, and essentially, have some fun together. I have attended many planning days and team-building sessions throughout my time in Government and Kirsten was able to bring a fresh and dynamic approach to the facilitation which really stood out compared to some of the more bureaucratic styles you see at corporate get-togethers. As a performance psychologist who has worked with athletes at the highest level, Kirsten was able to bring a different but highly relatable perspective to the experiences of our team.   Her empathy, compassion and humour were evident through each session and set a great energy for the day.


In designing the day Kirsten took the time to really understand what I was looking for and carefully crafted each session to meet the needs of my team. With COVID-19 restrictions and many remote staff Kirsten was committed to also tailoring the day to deliver virtually, and I really appreciated her willingness to get creative and work around various technical challenges.


The feedback from my team was overwhelmingly positive with many staff reporting the sessions were reflective and enabled them to make a personal commitment to implement changes in their work and personal lives. I couldn’t recommend Kirsten more highly and look forward to another opportunity for us to work together in the future.

--Jenna Goddard, Director, Job Ready Program | Trades Recognition Australia, Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment




Kirsten has a way of connecting with coaches that creates a sense of openness and trust among the group. Her experience in high-performance sport gives her automatic credibility and allows her to relate directly to the coaches in our group. Her open and honest dialogue helped coaches reflect and find ways to apply her "3 M" system to their own situations, helping them acknowledge that self-compassion is important to their own well-being. She challenged our group to apply what they learned to improve their own self-care.

Kirsten brings an energy to each workshop and tackles issues that some people don't like to talk about. She creates an atmosphere of learning and connection, creating a safe place for coaches to share experiences and realize that they aren't alone in some of the challenges of high-performance sport. Her upbeat attitude helps coaches be more comfortable with confronting their own vulnerability and she leads through a kind, caring, and real way.

--Christine Bolger, Associate Director, Coaching Education, US Olympic and Paralympic Committee




Kirsten facilitated a three-part high-performance sports psychology workshop series for two professional women’s football teams.


The workshops focused on mind training for sustainable high performance, resilience when the going gets tough, and performance under pressure.


Kirsten facilitated the workshops in a way to ensure a safe and judgement-free space for the athletes to contribute, engage, and share when they wanted to do so. The participants were able to learn more about themselves as individuals and high-performing athletes, and pick up tools to help them throughout their careers and lives.


We received great feedback from the participants and a number of players requested to do one-on-one sessions with Kirsten after the workshops to continue their education in this space.

--Erin Clout, Professional Football Australia Player Relations Manager

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